DIY Security Tips for a Safer Home

Security is vital to ensure protection of the family and valuables stored within the home. Security doesn’t come cheap especially if you decide to purchase high end home security systems, home security camera systems and home alarm systems.

You don’t need to lose hope as there are other tips and tricks that can benefit you in protecting your home. Below are do it yourself tips to help secure your home from being vandalized.

Secure your sliding glass door

You can secure your glass sliding door with either of two methods.

Method 1

Glass doors provide an exciting view during the day and allow penetration of natural light to filter into the home. They are easy to open and are the main target by intruders.

To make the sliding door secure, all you need to is place a solid wooden rod or a piece of rebar that has been cut to a small size in the tracks of the door. The material is inexpensive as you don’t have to spend so much. You can also request the store owner to cut the materials to a suitable size for your purposes.

The piece of solid wooden rod will prevent any intruder who tries to open the door, from opening it.

Method 2

Burglars can gain entry into your home by lifting the glass sliding doors off their tracks. To prevent this, you can request an expert to install for you an anti jimmy plate. You can also make your own by simply finding a piece of metal and screws. Proceed to screw the piece of metal with the screws on the recess of the upper track of the door.

You can still use a piece of wood. To make it work firmly, you need to choose a thick jimmy blade which will fill the space between the frame and the track while allowing the door to slid well in the process.

What a Medical Alert System Offers You

Are you living alone despite your rising age? Are you afraid that an emergency is going to arise and you won’t have the help that you need? If so, there is help out there for you.

What does a medical alert system offer you? The help of a medical alert systems offers you peace of mind. You can know that you will be okay. You can relax and enjoy life because you know that there is help out there for you. This system offers you reliable support. You need to know that someone will be there, that someone will help you out when you are facing a tough time. You can know that. You can know that someone will step in and help you out when an accident happens. There is support out there for you, ready and willing to give you the help that you need right when you happen to need it.

Secure your sliding home windows

Windows provide a simple way of letting both fresh air and natural light into the home. Before sleeping many may forget to close some of the windows tightly. Such a mistake can be your doom as it could be the day a burglar strikes and automatically finds an easy access into your home.

To prevent easy opening of the windows from outside, you can simply take a hammer with a few long screws or long nails. Hammer the nails on top of the window that opens ensuring only a few inches can be opened to let fresh air in. This way when a burglar strikes and tries to open the window, it can only open for a few inches which less space that he or she cannot fit into.

For safety purposes especially when a fire breaks out, you need to have a hammer or a heavy metal bar that will allow you to break the glass windows if it is the only escape route to safety.

Acquire a well trained dog

You can purchase a dog and have it trained by experts at an affordable rate. Some of the skills that the dog can be taught are how to refuse food offered by strangers and how to respond effectively when an intruder strikes. Dogs are loyal and naturally protective of their owner’s home.

Man naturally fears a dog which is the same feeling that the intruder will experience therefore it will prevent him or her from stealing from a house.

By learning different commands, it helps to eliminate the communication barrier between the dog and its master.

Install beware of dog signs

You can purchase beware of dog signs from a local store and stick them on strategic locations around your compound. You can also purchase signs that display large breeds of dog such as Rottweiler, German shepherds or Doberman.

Such warning signs will have psychological effects on the intruders who will have to stop in their tracks before proceeding. To make the effect even more believable you can simply purchase a large dog food bowl and place it on the back porch.

Purchase and install dummy cameras

Home security camera systems are expensive for home security monitoring therefore a cheap alternative is to purchase dummy CCTV cameras and install them on strategic locations around your home.

The dummy cameras are built exactly like the real cameras but lack the machinery and electronics of recording any video feed.

Burglars while surveying check for any video surveillance around a home and if they find any they avoid stealing from the home.