Since historical instances, electrotherapy has been used to alleviate ache. In its earliest kind, a reside electrical fish was utilized to the affected space to trigger numbness. Nevertheless, as soon as electro-static electrical energy might be produced with the assistance of frictional machines, the sooner methodology was discontinued.

Because the discovery of electrotherapy and its use in ache reduction, superior strategies have been developed, one in every of which is TENS.

What’s TENS?

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators delivers electrical stimuli to alleviate an individual from ache. It’s a transportable system and in regards to the measurement of a packet of cigarettes. Customers can alter depth of stimulation. The frequency of stimulation will also be adjusted.

TENS electrodes might be positioned in numerous strategies. Customers ought to strive inserting them over the painful space, across the painful space or over the nerve resulting in the affected space.

When ought to TENS be used?

IT is used to deal with many forms of ache. Acute ache (ache after surgical procedure) in addition to long-term ache (stemming from arthritis) might be handled with TENS. Most cancers ache will also be diminished by utilizing TENS. A TENS unit will also be used for low again ache, myofascial ache, bladder incontinence and visceral ache.

How does it work?

It sends electrical stimuli by electrodes (self-adhesive pads) positioned on pores and skin. The alerts journey to the nerves proper beneath the pores and skin.

A BBC article states TENS unit is believed to work in two methods. On increased frequencies, the TENS unit stimulates ‘non-pain’ nerves to ship alerts to the mind which block ache alerts carried to it by different nerves.

On decrease frequencies, TENS models stimulate manufacturing of endorphins that are pain-relieving hormones produced by our physique.

The system can be utilized all through 15-20 minutes a number of instances a day.

Excessive frequency on a TENS unit might be tolerated by sufferers for as much as hours however the ache reduction lasts for a brief interval. In distinction, low-frequency stimulation may really feel uncomfortable and could also be tolerated for less than 20-30 minutes however the ache reduction will last more electrotherapy machine benefits.

TENS is a drug free therapy for pain-relief. It isn’t addictive and has few side-effects. It’s appropriate for all. Nevertheless, the next individuals mustn’t use TENS therapy:

• Epileptics

• Individuals with pacemakers or coronary heart illness

• Individuals with ache from unknown causes

• Pregnant girls with out therapy being supervised

It is necessary that electrodes are positioned appropriately. Whether it is placed on incorrect location, the ache can worsen. Don’t place it close to the eyes. The TENS unit must also not be placed on nerves from the neck to the throat or mind

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